DP Simulator Course

The DP simulator Course is essentially practical and consists mainly of a series of simulator exercises to be supplemented by theoretical discussions. Trainees will be given an opportunity to give feedback on their training needs during classroom tuition. The trainees will work with practical scenarios based on real operations, training on planning and executing specified DP operations under varying simulated conditions. Each exercise will be started by a session for briefing and planning, then by simulation of DP operations and be followed by a debriefing and group discussion led by the instructor, to analyse the actions and decisions of the trainees. Exercises will produce the greatest impression of realism. The practical exercises will cover the operation of the DP system while introducing errors, faults, failures, alarms and applying emergency procedures. This course is intended for those who have completed the DP Induction Course and a minimum of 60 DP Sea time days. These trainees should already have a good grounding in the practice and principles of dynamic positioning through their experiences in class and at sea. After this course, the aspiring DPO will now have to accumulate 60 days of DP watch keeping experience to be able to apply for a DP certificate.

DP Induction Course

The DP Induction Course has been designed to train personnel in operation of DP system. The content includes theoretical and practical exercises on the simulator. Classroom lectures provide the necessary theoretical background for exercises. Exercises are controlled by an instructor after trainees have received familiarisation with the equipment, controls and instrumentation available in the simulator. Exercises increase in complexity as the course progresses and as trainees gain experience with DP controls. When performing exercises, trainees make use of theoretical knowledge acquired during classroom lectures.