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Azimuth Stern Drive Familiarization Course

This course is essentially practical and consists mainly of a series of simulator exercises. The exercises increase in complexity as the course progresses and as trainees become familiar with the maneuvering characteristics of the ship model and its responses in various conditions. Exercises are controlled by the instructor, and initially, allow the trainees to become familiar with the equipment, the controls and the instrumentation provided.


The trainees will work with practical scenarios based on real operations under varying simulated conditions. Each exercise will be started by a session for briefing and planning, then by simulation of ASD vessel maneuvering and be followed by a debriefing and group discussion led by the instructor, to analyze the actions and performance of the trainees.
Practical exercises are based on real scenarios and carried out on a simulator to enable the trainees acquire the necessary practical skills. The trainees will work on executing specified operations and maneuvering. Realistic communication with the field center, other vessels and the different departments onboard is included. A rotary plan will be made so that the participants will act in a variety of capacities during the course. Exercises will produce the greatest impression of realism.

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